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What is the profit margin for ready mix concrete business in India?

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Archstuff hare I always post articles about Architecture. Today not everyone knows about Architecture and it...

Hello Everyone!!!!!! Welcome to Archstuff hare I always post articles about Architecture. Today not everyone knows about Architecture and its carrier options. In upcoming years there are many opportunities in Architecture field and there are many options for making your good carrier in Architecture like Landscape, Interior Designing, Urban Planning, Industrial Architecture, Town Planning, Set Design and many more other options included in Architecture. But if you are go for any of these option you will get to know about this field and also you will get to know about future opportunities in it. 

But even there are many opportunities are there in Architectural carrier, not every country is giving you better opportunities for Architecture there are only least countries are offering good future opportunities to Architects and if any country will going to do some smart city planning and all there are also need of Architect for planning our cities or planning some Urban things. From past many centuries we are building our homes, temples, whole cities, public spaces and also we are using many techniques for making our work more easier. Today many things are changed in construction field many techniques are also changed and there are many machineries taking place of humans on construction sites for making our work more easier and more faster. And there are many things are taking place in construction field like 3D printing and more for better future. And today we are going to discuss about Concrete rates provided by Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plant. 

If you are thinking if you are going to cast concrete what is the rate of concrete in that process. So I am going to tell you about the price of concrete per cubic meter in Ready Mix Concrete. With help of this you can also calculate the price for column, because our visitors asking me about this how can we calculate cost for a column if we are going to concreating one column and how much it takes cost per column so today I am going to tell you about that.

So Our today's topic is "Ready Mix Concrete Price per Cubic Meter". And If the Ready Mix Concrete(RMC) is new for you then don't worry we already wrote an article on this topic all about Ready Mix Concrete. You can make your own concrete on you site with help of contractor or labors and you can also make your own and its not very hard to make it but if you don't want to make it you can order a ready mixed concrete as per your requirement from RMC plant. And they will deliver concrete to you with help of their containers specially made for transportation of concrete. Ready Mix Concrete(RMC) is a plant for making a concrete or providing already mixed concrete to construction sites like buildings, bungalows, concrete roads and many more. And how much it costs to you and how much profit margin for ready mix concrete business in India we will discuss this in todays article.

But first of all before we going to discuss this I want to tell you something about concrete grades and all. So first if you are going to cast M20 grade concrete which has ratio of (1:1 1/2:3) we want some material for making of concrete following is the list of material :

1) Cement = 0.2776 cubic meter which means around 8 bags of cement (rate is around 400-500 RS. total = 4000 RS.)
2) Sand = 15 CFT(Cubic Feet) which means 0.15 brass(1 brass = 100 CFT) Cost is around 50- 60 RS. per CFT total = 900 RS.
3) Aggregate = 30 CFT(Cubic Feet) Cost is around 70-80 RS. per CFT total = 2400 RS.

Which means your total expense is 7300 RS. for above quantity but if you take this materials in large quantity you will not cost more like this, and in RMC plant you will get this amount of concrete in less price, and because of this price of RMC will become 7000-7500 RS. per cubic meter(price will different in different locations). And if your area is 50 cubic meter the price is 50 X 7500 = 3,75,000 RS. Suppose you are thinking how you carry your concrete which is comes directly from RMC plant  to second floor or fifth floor then don't worry they will provides you a "Concrete Pump" which is used for transporting concrete from Mixer to construction site and this is very easy to carry your concrete. 

But if you want concrete pump then they will charge you for pump if your casting is on daily basis or monthly basis then it will cost you around 1,25,000 RS. per month but if you want it for a One day it will costs around 15,000 RS. per day of casting. RMC plant provides you Concrete Mixing vehicle with concrete pump on the day of or time of your casting, and this is the simple way of casting and also concrete pump make it faster too. One RMC Mixer Vehicle provides you 6-8 cubic meter of concrete, and you can order concrete as much you want and they will provide you as per your requirement.

So this is the the price range for Ready Mix Concrete and you can make your own manual with help of this. So I hope you understand this if you have any doubts please let me know in comment section below and please keep visiting for articles like this. Thank You!!!!

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